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The motivation for change revealed. Following the money....

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This is simple arithmetic, one of our liberal arts and sciences. Numbers do not lie...

PuppetMaster Allan Casalou - Grand Secretary of California

These numbers are broken down to make it simple for everyone to understand. This movement will hopefully shed some light as to why we have come together to do this. We understand some may criticize what we're doing or how we're doing it. We promise you this; we came to this decision as a last resort to save the future of our craft. When the Grand Lodge itself does not conform to its own rules and laws, that is when we must stand up to save Freemasonry for future generations to come.

Our First breakdown goes over the salary increase year by year. These numbers are taken directly from the Grand Lodges public tax returns. You probably thought they were getting a "3%" increase didn't you? Of course, we all did because that's what they have told us in their budget proposals every year.

Next, we will give you a breakdown of our membership numbers over the past few years....

As you can see from the simple math, we cannot continue at this rate. The Grand Lodge salaries continue to rise, while our membership continues to drop. These numbers are not maintainable. At this rate, there are only three possibilities for these numbers to change.

1. Relocate to a less expensive location to lower personal and operating expenses to match the declining rate of our membership. If operating out of San Francisco requires these types of raises, we can't afford that.They could regroup and focus on putting more Masonry in Men, rather than more men in Masonry. This decision would require them to live within their means.

2. Change nothing. Continue to raise the Per Capita to compensate for the rate of inflation in San Francisco while the membership declines. As you can see by the numbers and graphs, it is impossible to continue at this rate. We are on a path towards failure.

3. Change the fundamental morals and beliefs of Masonry in order to attract more dues-paying members to continue their cash flow. This route means making Freemasonry more "attractive" and "appealing" to others outside of Freemasonry. By removing the Bible, it allows them to take in anyone. Even men who believe they are God. Some of them worship deities that Masonry has long considered dark and evil.

We will leave you with this for now. If those are the options, what does removing the Holy Bible, say about their true intentions?

We have more to come that will show you first hand the direction they are attempting to take Freemasonry in California. Stay tuned....

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